Why Was the Assessment Developed

Covenant Consulting Group has released a stakeholder assessment that was conducted to learn how North Dakotans from various sectors perceive oil development in the Badlands and how they believe it should progress in the future. Stakeholders included North Dakotans from the ranching, oil and gas, conservation, and government sectors. The stakeholder assessment revealed widespread support for protection of
natural assets in the Badlands.  

The assessment was not developed as an attempt to stop or hinder oil development in North Dakota. Rather, the specific goals of the assessment were to understand stakeholder perceptions of oil development in the Badlands, and use the results to create strategies for how best to develop mineral resources with
responsible stewardship of the Badlands.

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Badlands Working Group (BAG) Action Plan

The Badlands Advisory Group has released a detailed action plan that proposes several strategies to develop mineral resources with responsible stewardship of the Badlands, including the development of a state driven, long-term strategic plan for the development of North Dakota’s natural resources with the aim of reducing development’s footprint. The Badlands Advisory Group is comprised of western North Dakotans and was formed after Covenant Consulting Group released the Stakeholder Assessment of the North Dakota Badlands and Little Missouri River Valley in August 2016. 

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